Steps of aircon servicing

Certainly, you can follow a step-by-step process when it comes to the servicing of an air conditioner. The process might differ from person to person and it doesn’t really matter if you decide to do it backward. Regular maintenance of air conditioners is a mandatory requirement if you want your AC to last long and also if you want it to give you cool and fresh air. One can always approach a service provider, many people would like to do it themselves, whichever the way be, the important part is that the air conditioner is well kept. However, hiring a specialist in servicing your conditioner would be recommended strongly as it can avoid any costly mistakes, and besides, you will get an opportunity to invest your precious energy someplace else, someplace that gives you higher gains personally or professionally. Ninjacool is one such service provider that is good at aircon servicing.

The following is a list of typical steps involved in aircon servicing.

  1. Cleaning of the air filter and condenser fins

One of the manyissuesin any equipment is the accumulation of dust and dirt. Although, dust is not a big deal as it is inevitable but excessive amount of dirt and dust can cause the aircon to not work properly. Therefore, one of the very first things that would be followed during aircon servicing is the cleaning of the air filter and condenser fins.

  • Cleaning of condenser and evaporator coil

Dust and debris get collected also on the condenser and evaporator coil. If they are not cleaned regularly the chances of overheating increase and this can also lead to improper functioning of the aircon. So, after the cleaning of the air filter and condenser fins, check out the condenser coil and evaporator coil.

  • Cleaning of condenser and evaporator fan blades

Dust and dirt penetrate deeper into such appliances. In times of humid atmosphere during summers, the already present dirt on these fans reacts with the humidity which can create space for molds. In order to get rid of the molds, regular cleaning of condenser and evaporator fan blades is necessary.

  • Checking leakage and cleaning drain pipes

Checking any water leakage in the AC unit and cleaning dirt from the drain pipes is another step involved in the aircon servicing.

  • Checking coolant level

Last but not least is the checking of the coolant level in evaporator coils, the most important aspect of the air conditioner which is responsible for providing cool air in an aircon.