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The best celebrity Hollywood homes

It’s impossible to deny the fact that Hollywood celebrities like to take things to the next level. From world-class vacations that most of us can only dream of to luxury cars made by Maserati, Rolls Royce, and Bugatti, they definitely seem to have the best of everything. Of course, this extends to the houses where they live. After all why to live in a “regular” house when you can live in one that is way over the top? The Hollywood celebrities homes take over the top up to another notch.

Here are some of the famous celebrities and their houses:-

1.  Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s house in LA

Kimye’s house cost a huge $20million, but the couple is yet to move in despite buying it, having renovated the property not once but twice. The couple has splashed out on some ridiculous luxuries for their house in the Hidden Hills in LA – including $20,000 TAPS. Their mansion comes with 3.5 acres of land, two swimming pools, two spas, two barbecues and a vineyard.

2.  Rihanna’s mansion in Beverly Hills

Ri-Ri’s mansion is located on a hill in Beverly Hills. If you look at it from afar, it may seem an oasis in a desert. The azure water in the pool and the deck chairs next to it set the resort atmosphere.

3.  Julia Roberts’s house in Hawaii

While choosing a house, Julia Roberts discovered two mansions standing close together with a wonderful view of the beach. She bought both and combined them. The actress is an active environmentalist, and she embodied these principles in her own house: the roof of the mansion is covered with recycled slate and the floor with eco-friendly bamboo. There’s also a tennis court on the property.

4.  Justin Bieber

The Biebs is no stranger to a lavish pad – and this futuristic glass creation dubbed the ‘salad spinner house’ is his latest investment in Beverly Hills. Imagine the parties he could have here – and the set back location means the neighbours wouldn’t be disturbed, too!

5.  Zayn Malik

Rumour has it ex-One Direction star Zayn splashed out a cool £2.2 million on this new home in London, complete with an indoor pool for when his pals drop by to say hello – but we reckon he won’t be keeping this place that long seeing as now he spends most of his time in the USA

6.  Lady Gaga’s house in Miami

The house of Lady Gaga stands by the ocean. On the outside, it doesn’t correspond to the singer’s shocking images. In fact, it’s just a disguise. Inside, this house looks like it’s a leisure centre: a mini cinema, a bowling alley, and lots of other entertainments.