Choosing the right colors for your signage

Colors carry meanings and emotions. Signages are a graphical representation of information. Nothing conveys information more effectively than a visual medium and the designing of signage has its own science behind it and requires an expert that knows the color theory and design. Creation Art is one such service provider of experts who are good at signage. As mentioned already color has a lot of importance when it comes to grabbing a viewer’s attention and encouraging the same viewer to comprehend the conveyed information properly. Creative Sign is one other reputable signage company in Singapore that is excellent in designing signages that are bound to catch the eyes.

When it comes to colors, there is no good or bad color in view. Only the right or wrong combinations are the only markers in deciding what works and what does not. Following are some of the color combinations that are the right colors for your signage.

Dark colors and White Background

Dark and light color combinations are a perfect combination of colors. They balance each other out, dark colors such as black, blue, grey, or red on a white background will create a greater impact on a viewer and encourage him or her to read and understand the conveyed message effectively. Such color combinations create better readability and are one of the standard combinations of color in the market.

Light colors and Black Background

Light colors on a black background are another combination similar to that of dark colors on white background. Colors like white or yellow on a black background creates better contrast and easier readability. Yellow and white can also suit properly on a dark background such as dark blue and dark red. These colors will ensure that your signage properly conveys the information and also catches the viewer’s attention.

Color psychology

As we all know and something that has already been mentioned in the introduction, colors have their own meaning and emotions. Shades of red have different meanings such as light red signifies passion and love, a brighter red can also mean lust and anger. Similarly, all the colors have their own meaning and elicit certain emotions from the viewer. Blue means security and trust, yellow means hope and spontaneity, green is nature and life, orange is encouragement and freedom, purple signifies royalty, etc.

The list of color psychology by no means is exhausted here as there are multiple shades to every color and all of these shades carry different meanings and elicit different responses from the viewers. Hire an expert in designing and color theory to know more.